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Rage Beast Mate by Nikki Landis

One repetitive chant echoes in the corridors of the most dangerous and notorious high security penitentiary on Falcor.


Three occupied cells. Three unknown males.
And they never stop calling out, yearning and aching for their prize.

The entire facility is comprised of female inmates.
Every last one of us is held against our will.
Until the newest prisoners arrive and everything changes.
Each day brings new horrors and new ways to torture the inmates.
They never told us the truth, never admitted why this facility was built.
Destroy Resistance. Assimilate. Reprogram. Breed.
No one escapes from D.R.A.R.B.

But I won’t be a prisoner forever.
I have a plan.
And I’m going to use those three brutes to escape from this hellhole.
Even if I have to give them everything they want in return.

* Warning: Mature content may contain triggers for some readers *

Series Number
Book #1

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