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Possessed by the Alien Warrior by Krista Luna

I gave up hope of a fated mate and family years ago. Then she crashes into my life.


The holidays give me the perfect chance to take my first vacation in years. Before joining my family, I’ll take a little time alone to unwind from the constant stress of leading humanity.

But my shuttle crashes, and he comes to my rescue.

A grump with the physique of a god, Kol makes my body sing in ways I thought lost to stress and time. Suddenly, being alone is the last thing I want.


As a wilderness adept, I spend my days exploring the beauties of nature. Our new planet offers many wonders—ones we need to protect from the humans.

Then she falls out of the sky, tearing across the landscape and my peaceful existence.

Amanda’s sweet scent entices my senses and sets my mating heart beating. A human fated mate is the last thing I want, yet I find her impossible to resist.

Possessed by the Alien Warrior is a steamy, midlife, grumpy-sunshine romance featuring an alien warrior who thinks he’s a loner and the strong heroine determined to make a connection. This low-angst, holiday novella has a guaranteed HEA.

Series Number
Book #7

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