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Possessed by the Alien Hero by Krista Luna

I live without emotion. Yet one touch from my fated mate shatters all my restraint.


I did it! I helped cure the virus our enemy used to kill so many humans and Varool. Then I created a new one that will turn the tables on the bugs and win us the war. If we can release it into the heart of the attacking Swarm.

Enter Yash. Tall. Aloof. Alien. Gorgeous. He’s even royalty of some sort. It’s not fair that one guy has so much going on, but damned if he doesn’t.

The stoic warrior makes me shiver with desire, but he’s never let me close. Now, Yash won’t be able to avoid me. Because there’s only one person who can ensure the bug virus is released right—me. Mr. Ice just got himself a partner.


I am the Varool deadly blade, trained to be the perfect duelist, cold and unflinching. My mission to defeat the insectoids will require the ultimate sacrifice—my life for the future of my people.

Until she upends everything.

My fated mate’s sweet scent has haunted me for weeks, much as I have fought to resist. Sofia burns bright with brilliance and emotion, tempting me right when I need to be strongest. Because if we succeed, her plan offers everyone that most precious of things—hope.

Possessed by the Alien Hero is a steamy, fire-and-ice, opposites-attract romance featuring a stoic alien warrior willing to sacrifice himself for others and the brilliant heroine determined to show him a life worth living. There’s plenty of adventure with a guaranteed HEA.

Series Number
Book #6

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