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Pine, Alive by A. W. Cross

Pine never wanted to be a real girl. 

But when sentient androids are emancipated, she finds herself with little choice. Sent from her beloved home to a human city, Pine must find herself a new place in a world that doesn’t respect the humanity it gave her. 

Ex-soldier James Cruicéad isn’t thrilled about her liberation either. He’s had his own experiences with synadroids, and none of them good. They’re dangerous and unpredictable, and the one newly acquired by his mentor Joseph is no exception, no matter how innocent—and fascinating—she may seem. 

But when Joseph disappears, the pair are forced to confront some dangerous truths in order to save him—and their feelings for each other. Will they drown? Or will they be able to cross the ocean that divides them and discover what it really means to be alive? 

Pine, Alive is a sweet, science fiction romance fairy tale retelling of Collodi’s Pinocchio and the first book in the Foxwept Array series—where the future is a fairy tale. Standalone with a HEA guaranteed!

Series Number
Book #1

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