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Pax’s Emperor by Mara Jaye


All of the others at the daycare follow Dan’s Uncle Gunnar around like he’s the hottest guy alive. I let them because he is somewhat decent for a hunky man. While my coworkers are distracted by the uncle, I’m completely crushing on the boy’s father, Eldan. He has a yummy master of the universe attitude about him that I can’t resist.

So, while all the other caregivers flirt with Gunnar, I just grin at Eldan, too shy to do more.


I’m not supposed to be on Earth. But, I had to come here after my young son’s life was threatened. Sixth world Earth is the last place anyone should or even could begin to look for me. My goal was to live here with a small detachment and let my brother rule for me. Only then could I focus on learning out who tried to take my place as Emperor of the Intergalactic Alliance. No entanglements or complications allowed.

Except when it’s time to come home, I find I don’t want to leave Earth and Pax behind.

Series Number
Book #2

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