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When a routine mission goes wrong, a broken human and a conflicted alien have to fight an evil enemy and their hearts to be free.

Blaze Floridian knows one thing for certain: Eden Franco is trouble. Hot, tempting trouble. She makes him want something he never thought possible. True, soul-consuming love.

There are two things standing in his way of bliss: Eden’s resistance, and his obligation to his family. If he pursues Eden, he’ll destroy his family’s trust and break a promise he always intended to keep. But after Eden fire-balled into his life, everything changed.

Never trust a nice guy. Eden learned that the hard, brutal way after her heart got crushed by ‘Mr. Nice.’ Her partner on the Apocalypse, Blaze, is so charming he can’t be for real. Sure, he’s gorgeous, loyal, and always protective of her, but it’s an act. Once he gets her in bed, he’ll walk away. Just like they always do. If only she could stop thinking about him, life would be sweet.

During a trip to Tiavac to deliver endangered animals to their new sanctuary, they’re ambushed by the Pecket. Barely escaping, they think they’re safe on the sanctuary planet. The Pecket have other ideas.

Eden is captured, Blaze is injured, and the animals are in danger.

Can anything protect Blaze and Eden’s hearts when they realize how much they’ll lose if the enemy wins?

Series Number
Book #3

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