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Our Battle Lord’s Ransom by Linda Mooney

When a caravan of gypsies arrives at Alta Novis, looking to make a deal, these new visitors raise suspicions. It isn’t until the battle lord sees what they have for sell that his concerns and reservations are raised even more—a cannon, guns, and other weapons that haven’t been seen in hundreds of years, and only heard about in stories these days.

The group isn’t happy when Yulen denies their requests, confiscates their weapons, and sends them on their way, but not before loading their wagons with supplies in a show of good will. But it isn’t enough for the gypsy leader.

When one of their own goes missing, Yulen and Atty will stop at nothing to get the battle prince back, but at what cost? Do their swords and arrows stand a chance against guns?

A number of obstacles stand in their way as they go to retrieve their son, but the connection between a Mutah mother and her child will conquer all.

Series Number
Book #10

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