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Operation Pinpoint by Landra Graf

This alien tracker has finally found his mate, but how can he claim her when she loves another?

Captain Ravenna Joyner has one mission: rescue her missing lover. She’ll ruin every ounce of her credibility to save the one person who made her universe brighter, even partner with a bloodthirsty alien who can’t be trusted.

Dravos Trax has one mission: find the missing Space Force vessel Perseus. If he follows through, his prison sentence will be commuted. Only he doesn’t expect to find his mate in a human who is in love with someone else.

When the ship is located, the occupants are found dead, including Ravenna’s lover. But, there’s no time to mourn, as the other Space Force Ops commandos betray Dravos and Ravenna to cover up the murders, putting their lives in jeopardy. They’ll have to put aside their fears and stow this simmering passion between them to find a way to gain their freedom. Though the chase for answers only leaves more questions, and the commandos won’t stop until all loose ends are tied.

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