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Omega Rescued by Alexis B. Osborne

“Would you truly wish to return home, knowing that you could hurt someone? Someone you love?”

Callista always wanted to be special. The omega daughter of the ambitious and wealthy Hoskiss family, she’s never been expected to do anything other than marry well and breed the next generation of Alphas. When she learns of a terraforming expedition traveling to the new Oberon colony, she is willing to strike any bargain to get herself on that mission, away from her cold, calculating parents and a life that has never felt like her own.

But Calli’s choices are stolen from her anew when she wakes up from cryosleep on a spaceship—one that seems to be under attack, judging by the warnings and sirens.

Estrevaga D’Thani is a veteran member of Anti-Theta, the elite taskforce working to subvert and ultimately defeat the Theta-Devs threatening the Earth… and he’s also a defector from the original invading force. He refused to support the cruel experiments and flesh peddling, turning his back on his own kind to help the humans.

Humans like Calli, who he stumbles upon while Anti-Theta is raiding the attacked transport ship.

As the two make their escape, he realizes she has been used as a test subject too, like so many others before her. Others who never survived the process. Abducted and altered, Calli must now come to terms with those changes—or risk seriously harming humanity.

Can Estrevaga help Calli learn to uncover and harness her new abilities, or will she never see him as anything more than just another Theta-Dev beast like the ones who held her captive?

Series Number
Book #3

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