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Omega for Rent by Alexis B. Osborne

Fake. Hired to be his pretend omega girlfriend. So why is it starting to feel all too real?


Catching feelings for clients is stupid and Leah knows better. She’s a professional. Her years at the Glittering Gem have hardened and shaped her into the woman she’s become, and she likes it that way. She has all of the control in her relationships with her clients.

Until Gray hires her to pretend to be his girlfriend at his business partner’s wedding aboard an orbiting cruise ship.

It’s supposed to be a week on a luxury cruise ship in space. She’s meant to sip cocktails on the artificial beach and eat gourmet food prepared by the very best chefs.

Falling in love isn’t part of the plan and it’s definitely not what this Alpha hired her for. So then why can’t she stay professional and keep her feelings out of it?


Money can buy Gray everything he wants . . . except for peace and quiet.

He’s tired of the constant barrage of questions about who he’s dating, why he’s not married yet, and when will he settle down. He doesn’t expect to like Leah so much, and he certainly doesn’t plan on making this fake relationship real.

He has an upcoming merger to deal with — one that will change not only the fate of his company, but humanity itself. It’s the deal of the century. Something that might give Earth a fighting chance to ward off the invading Theta-Dev aliens. This is no time for distractions.

Falling in love isn’t part of his plan. So then why can’t he suppress these Alpha urges that she brings to his surface?

Series Number
Book #2

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