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Odd Coupling by Jaylee Davis

Bethany Montgomery’s peaceful life is shattered when an alien ship crashes near her isolated South Texas ranch. She rescues the huge feline pilot before a murderous gang of local ranchers can capture him. She’s determined to protect him. Falling in love with him isn’t part of her plan, but her heart won’t listen.

Vren, a D’Lyrian warrior, survives the crash, but he’s not out of danger. The locals think the only good alien is a dead one, and they’re hot on his trail. The human female who comes to his aid doesn’t seem to fear him, even after he hisses at her for grabbing his tail. Coupling with her should be the last thing on his mind, but her scent calls to him. Has he finally found his life mate only to lose her?

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Earth Aliens Fated Mates M / F

Series Number
Book #2

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