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Nkarri by Annabelle Rex

Jas has spent years regrowing her confidence after getting burned by her ex. Now she has great friends, a beautiful home and a successful career – everything she thought she needed. But two of her friends have recently been Matched, and their obvious happiness has Jas wondering if maybe it’s time to put herself back on the market. An invitation to meet with an Intergalactic fitness company provides the perfect opportunity to dust off her flirting skills. But why is it that the gorgeous but surly alien who stirs up all sorts of memories Jas would rather forget is also the only person there who makes her heart skip a beat?

Nkarri is tired. Tired of his awful job, tired of the people he works with, tired of feeling like he’s failing his daughter by not providing her with the life she deserves. But as a single father without a Match, he doesn’t have too many options. So when he recognises his Match among the Humans visiting, Nkarri realises it’s his one chance for something better. For both himself and his daughter. Nkarri knows Jas is wary of him, and she has every right to be. As far as most people are concerned, Nkarri betrayed Jas before they ever met. But he’ll do whatever it takes to prove to her that they can be more than just a perfect Match – they can be a perfect family.

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Alien Contact Fated Mates Humans In Space M / F

Series Number
Book #7

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