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Mordjan by Immortal Angel

A cyborg with no hope in technology. An elf with no faith in magic. An impossible mission to find the Ardak Resistance, and only five days left to find a miracle.

As leader of the Siirtian defense force, Mordjan has seen his army destroyed and his people decimated by the Ardaks. Haunted by nightmares and plagued by failing tech, he can’t see a way for his people to survive the next invasion.

Fayelle was the lead healer at the elven realm of Garthurian when the Ardaks released the Red Death. The elven magic failed her then, and her people were slowly dying until the cyborgs brought back a cure they made with their technology. Now for a second time the elves can’t get their crystals to work. With time running out, they are faced with a terrible realization – perhaps they’ll have to rely on technology to succeed.

In a last effort to save their world, the cyborgs and elves team up on a mission to find the Ardak Resistance Force, choosing Mordjan and Fayelle to lead it. It’s a race across space and a race against time that will test the very limits of who they are and what they believe.

Can Mordjan and Fayelle find the resistance and bring back the help their people need? Join them on an intergalactic quest to find out – in a scifi fantasy romance that will leave you wanting more! 

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Cyborgs / Clones / AI / Androids M / F

Series Number
Book #5

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