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Mirror Image by K. G. Stutts

Madison has a life she considers comfortable until her world is turned upside down by learning three things: We are not alone in the galaxy. She’s actually a clone of Mackenzie, a special agent for an Intergalactic security team, and if one of them dies, they both do. Then there’s John – a member of the security team who thinks Madison is capable of more than she believes. As if all that wasn’t crazy enough, now her heart is involved.

And they have to save the world? So much for comfortable…

A clone isn’t supposed to act in defense, form bonds, or fall in love. When Maddie meets John Brooks, she begins to test everything the ISC believes she should be capable of. When an enemy from within threatens Maddie and Mack, they must work together in order to not only save each other, but Earth and countless other worlds as well.

Maddie is soon faced with a choice: forget all she knows and go back to her quiet existence or stay with the man she loves. Her choice could change the course of history.


Mirror Series

Series Number
Book #1

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