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Married to the Interstellar Colonist by Ami Wright

Ne Plus Ultra: Nothing more beyond.

Minerva Harris somehow stumbled across the man of her dreams and she’s just beginning to trust that the future looks brighter than she dared to hope. Marcus is cocky, charming, and their chemistry has always been sizzling. He’s the sort of man who never takes no for an answer. But when he pushes for an answer to the question she’s been avoiding, her heart is flooded with fears. She’s not perfect. She’s nowhere near the goddess he treats her. What will happen when reality sets in? And what the hell is she supposed to do about the fact that he’s determined to found a colony on a dinosaur-infested jungle planet at the back end of a remote system? Can she give up her career, her comfortable 31st century life, and try to be someone she’s not? Or is their relationship doomed to fail?

Marcus Aquilius Felix is learning to live in the 31st century after being ripped from his own time in ancient Rome. He’s gorgeous, charming and now he’s even a celebrity. In fact, he’s about to become governor of an entire planet! So why is it so hard to grasp the one thing he wants beyond anything? Minnie is smart, strong and sexy. She’s the thing that makes everything else worth doing. But a bungled proposal leaves him feeling like he may never be enough for his goddess. Will his good luck return, or will she slip through his fingers?

Series Number
Book #6

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