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Love on Impact by Alana Khan

Abducted by space pirates to breed human women, Zoriss is one angry male when he hits atmosphere. After breaking his bonds and stealing an escape pod, he crash lands in remote Idaho. When Lumina rescues him, their bodies communicate beautifully, but with translator troubles, could he ever grow to trust her?


It’s been ninety years since the last man was born on Earth. When the government allows three alien species to help us repopulate, I set my sights on a Draalian male. It felt like winning the lottery when one literally fell from the sky. What should have been a dream turns into a nightmare when I’m stranded in a remote cave with the galaxy’s most pissed off male. Because of our language barrier, I don’t understand why this intriguing male is so angry, but under the covers our bodies speak eloquently.


Not only was I abducted and brought to another planet, my stasis capsule malfunctioned. Instead of drifting into unconsciousness, I stayed awake for three interminable months unable to move or even scratch an itch. There was a lot of time to think during my journey, but only one thought pulsed through my mind. Revenge!

Although I want to blame her, Lumina’s gentle touch and affection soften my heart, and her passion sets me on fire. Learning my brother is in peril, I have to rescue him. Must I choose between my brother and the woman I’ve grown to love?

Love on Impact, written by Pinnacle Award winning, bestselling author, Alana Khan, is part of a collaboration of authors collectively known as Cosmic Kissed. This book has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Publisher’s Note: There are sensual, graphic sex scenes throughout the book. Intended for readers 18+.

Series Number
Book #2

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