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Loka by Arcadia Shield

A work-obsessed alien with a crush. A human with a plan she’s determined not to get derailed. When their home comes under attack, they must fight for survival.

Loka came to Prodigy to make a name for himself as an eminent scientist in the Picar community. Tasked with the job of mapping the Milky Way, he can’t afford distractions. Then the cute, smart human, Heather Roberts, enters his life.

Heather happily makes matches for lonely human females and horny aliens at My Single Alien. Although tempted by the gorgeous alien specimens, she’s never distracted from her dream of buying her own piece of space heaven. Then Loka comes to her rescue and suddenly a life without him seems cold. She can’t give up her dream, not for a hot alien with horns and a fondness for giving her gifts of coal.

When disaster strikes the station and the security cyborgs attack the humans, Heather and Loka are thrown together. They must figure out what’s happening before the station blows up while avoiding their growing attraction.

Join them in this action-packed science fiction romance novel. Find out who’s trying to destroy the work of My Single Alien and just how easy it is to love a bellowing alien with horns and claws.

Series Number
Book #2

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