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Lissa, Beautiful by A.W. Cross

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. And sometimes, you have to be one. 

Lissa has lived most of her life in the mysterious Wildwood, hidden from those who live beyond the Perimeter. Mocked and loathed for what she is, she longs to leave her secretive existence and discover the beauty of a world she can only imagine. 

Instead, she meets him. 

Artem is exactly the kind of man Lissa usually avoids. Rich, handsome, normal. 

And completely trapped in a life he wants no part of. 

Artem’s only chance at freedom is to become an instrument in his father’s plan to destroy the Wildwood. He accepts, hoping to discover the key to his escape. 

Then he finds her. 

But with his father’s plan already in motion, Artem and Lissa must race to save not only the Wildwood and the incredible secret it holds, but also their chance at true love. 

Series Number
Book #4

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