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Lin’s Challenge by Mara Jaye

I don’t want to die.

Once upon a time, I lived on Earth. I had a good job, a decent boyfriend, and a good life until I woke up in a vast cargo hold — adults of all ages and races dumped into a cage with automatic functions.

None of us knew anything, and the machines policing us weren’t talking.

On the alien planet’s surface, I keep to myself even after he walks in. Literally, a bronze god come to life. I can’t help but stare, yet can’t say a word, afraid he’ll break me in two. The hunky alien is everything tall, dark, and handsome should be, but puts the men on Earth to shame.

Anywhere else and I’d be using my best take me home lines on him, but in this hellhole? I think he and I are both doomed.

An Earther is here on the planet.

Her world is illegal to visit, never mind remove a being from. I’m here to bust up an illegal mining operation, not find my bondmate. And yet? My entire system knows she’s mine from the moment we touch. She’s nothing like I imagined my mate to be, yet I can’t deny my need for her.

Except, she’s forbidden fruit and a thousand times sweeter. Now all I need to do is figure out how to enforce one law while breaking another by making love with Lin.

Series Number
Book #1

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