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Kiran by Kenzie Kelly

Go to space, they said. It’ll be an adventure, they said. They had no idea.

Cora’s boring job as a lab tech on board the space station Shangris is interrupted when two ships fall out of hyperspace and put Earth smack in the middle of an intergalactic war. She’s not sure which side she should be on, but the built-like-a-brick-house blue warrior who rescues her from the crumbling station could be more evil than Hannibal Lecter and she might not care. Especially if he’s in to eating people. But not in the creepy way.

The Talia’s captain ordered Kiran and his team to search the damaged station for survivors, and kill any Scovid he might find. The squid-like humanoids were known for using more primitive races for barbaric experiments. The Talia was tailing this particular ship when they jumped blindly into an unknown sector of the galaxy. With Ka’atari mates being as rare as a three-headed givuthde, he never dreamed his would be one of the survivors.

Things get even more complicated when another hyperspace jump, an unruly alien pet, and politicians get involved.

Hunka hunka blue alien love, action packed, steamy sci-fi romance stand alone novella has a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliff hangers.

Series Number
Book #1

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