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King of the Stars by Elle Michaels

With the galaxy in upheaval, its future rests in the hands of a usurped warrior king and the farm girl that appears in his dreams.

Vi Junrah has never left her home planet. She spends nights staring into the stars, feeling as though she belongs among them, despite the Ansuli people being a humble, unassuming race. She’s always felt different, taller, paler, questioning, and alone. When a spaceship crash lands in the plains during the harvest festival, Vi’s curiosity gets the better of her. A brawny alien man lumbers out and sweeps her into space…for better or worse.

Orin Tarrastone spends restless nights toiling over haunting dreams of a beautiful woman appearing in darkness, a woman he can never reach. When his father, the galactic king, dies at the hands of an invading rebel army, Orin is forced into exile. After blacking out at the controls of his ship, he awakens to find the dream girl on a planet at the edge of the galaxy. Facing few options, and finding their mysterious meeting serendipitous, he steals her in hopes that she holds the key to a triumphant return to the throne.

The two attempt to unravel the mysteries of both their pasts while fate seemingly entwines their futures. Against the backdrop of galactic chaos, interstellar empires, invading rebels, pirates, and outlaws, Orin and Vi find themselves inexplicably drawn together facing it all.

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