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Jath: Fated Mates of the Theil by A.R. Kayne

She isn’t looking for love, but a determined playboy alien has other ideas!

Year after year, Jath has watched his friends find mates and start families. Now he alone is unmated.

He yearns for what they have: a mate who’ll scream and hurl his clothing down the mountainside, and children who’ll bite and clash horns. But although many females visit his cave, none stay.

Then she arrives, greasy and exhausted, tottering off a grotesque, barely-functional interstellar freighter: Dr. Orana Pasol, a human researcher intent on studying his people.

One touch, and he knows she’s his mate.

One stolen kiss, and he knows he can’t live without her.

But she knows nothing of the ways of mating, and only wants to do her research. Males are fun, she tells him, but they can’t be trusted. The last thing she wants is to settle down with one and churn out babies, with or without horns!

“Pretend she’s a wild animal,” advises his friend. “Give her food, and see if she’ll let you touch her.” So he does, but the more he courts her, the faster she runs. And there’s no time to waste: when her research ends, she’ll leave his planet forever!

How can he win the heart of a female from another star system before it’s too late?

Perhaps it’s time for drastic measures …

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