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Jaro by Ami Wright

All his pain, undone by the scent of her heat.

He’s been in love before and had his heart broken. So he dedicates himself to the Shahra’s royal guards, giving up on ever finding his true mate.

But the human female makes him doubt his vow. She’s brave, loyal, caring. Everything he’d want his mate to be.

Working together on an undercover mission means faking a mate claim with a bite. She’s put him in the friend zone and he has already taken a vow. He can’t claim her.

So when the lines between real and fake start to blur how does he deal with his forbidden desire for her?

He longs to taste every inch of her.

Rut her.

Make her his!

If she’s not his true mate, her heat won’t trigger his rut. So why is her scent all he can think about?

Jaro is a full length romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers. It can be read as a stand alone. If you like feline aliens who are big pussy cats for their ladies, this series is for you. Please check content warnings on my website.

Series Number
Book #5

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