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Jardun’s Embrace by Rayna Tyler

Their differences separate them—the fate of their world binds them.

Laria never planned to make an alien planet her permanent home, and she certainly never planned to get caught in the middle of a power struggle between members of the inhabitant’s ruling family. Things change when she is tasked with retrieving a package—a gorgeous male with intense jade green eyes, a body rippling with muscles, and shimmering scales begging to be touched. 

Jardun is an elite warrior, a protector, a guardian to the ruler. When the leader is infected with a deadly toxin, and the physician capable of developing a cure is abducted, he turns to the humans, the only allies on the planet with the knowledge to assist with a rescue. 

What he expects are males trained for combat, males who can help him complete his mission. What he gets is Laria, an intoxicating creature with eyes the color of the midday sky. The infuriating female can wield a blade better than any battle ready soldier, makes his tail twitch, and possesses the alluring scent of a mate.

With time running out and the future of both races depending on their success, can Jardun and Laria overcome their differences long enough to find the cure…and explore the connection growing between them?

Series Number
Book #1

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