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Igid’s Bounty by Deysi O’Donal

A newly found cache of human females is being sought throughout the universe—and now it’s up to my crew to protect them.

Born in a slum of a brothel to an indentured mother, I’ve endured unspeakable things, but now, I am a badass bounty huntress. I’ve buried my past and with it, any desire for mates or kits. Those things were never meant for me anyway.

Tasked with locating the human women recently sold at an illegal auction, the last thing I need is for my heat suppressants to fail mid-mission. Thanks to my Niveron biology, I’m unexpectedly thrown into a heat unlike any I’ve ever experienced, and the only male who can help? Brox, the one person who can get under my skin, the one I’ve sworn not to get close to.

Now I have two choices; accept Brox’s help, or let my dark past send me fleeing from the one male who might be my future.

Series Number
Book #3

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