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Huntress by S. J. Sanders

Heidi was raised to be a huntress ever since the Order took her off the streets and trained her in the deadly arts. Foremost among her peers, she was chosen by the Master to be his assassin. She never imagined that she would fall until the day she went against his will and saved his stepdaughter by helping her to escape from his formidable mansion. It made her a target and she became the hunted. They nearly killed her.

Nearly wasn’t good enough.

Seven years of healing, training and hunting the Master, victory is finally in her grasp. She would kill the Master and satisfy her vengeance. When her plans are foiled by a triad of Ragoru after the same prey, she finds herself thrust into a strange alliance of huntress and predator as they seek the male that has wronged them both.

The Ragoru are after him for their own reasons, to satisfy an oath made, it is the only reason that they agree to an alliance with the huntress when seven revolutions of plotting and stalking is foiled. With the Master on the run, they need someone who is intimately familiar with him and can help them in their quest to destroy him.

When their joined path brings them across the continent to Dunvar Citadel they have to confront the terrible truths about the city celebrating its annual spring Fool’s Ball. It is far worse than any of them fear and they have no one to depend on but each other and the bond growing between them.

Warning book contains violence, sex and a little m/m

Series Number
Book #2

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