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Hunted by Theresa Beachman

Wrong planet.
Bad Timing.
Right man.

Isa’s life is falling apart. She’s lost her job and discovered her husband in bed with another woman all on the same day. It can’t get any worse…until it does. Abducted against her will, she wakes in the wreckage of a star freighter on Resu, a planetary game reserve created to test the fiercest hunters.

Desperate for money to pay for his sick mother’s care, Heath carries illegal contraband across the galaxies for the highest bidder. No questions asked. But his choices come back to haunt him when a magnetic storm wrecks his ship and maroons him on Resu.

Discovering his cargo was human, Heath has to make some tough decisions.
All he has to do is keep her safe and not fall in love.
Easy right?
Only if the truth stays hidden…

Series Number
Book #1

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