Author: Athena Grayson

Hot Pursuit

Series: Huntress of the Star Empire (#1)
By: Athena Grayson

Micah Ariesis is the last free psypath, and Treska Sivekka’s determined to take that freedom from him to ensure the safety of her Union from mysterious alien attacks.

About the Huntress…
Ever since she was found in the aftermath of alien attacks, Treska Sivekka has been trained to one purpose–to hunt down threats to the security of the Union that gave her an identity. But when the Union’s biggest threat inspires desire, and not fear, it’s going to take all her training to protect her principles against his persuasive onslaught.

The Huntress’s neuro-collar and repulsor cuffs may keep Micah bound to her mercy, but they can’t stop him from challenging her convictions, and the lies she’s been told about his people. But when the secrets surrounding her own missing memories begin to reveal themselves, he may be the only one she can trust.

Pursued across the star system by the Huntress, helpless as his psionically-talented brethren were brought down one by one, Micah Ariesis must sacrifice his freedom in a sketchy revolutionary plot aimed at the Union’s heart, but the mystery surrounding his pursuer’s mysterious origins puts danger to a much closer heart–his own.

This is a Sci-Fi Romance Serial series, with the story told in episodes.

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About The Author

Athena Grayson writes romantic fiction ranging from sci-fi romance to magical realism and contemporary fantasy. She loves to write characters who are more than they seem, and loves to play with beloved genre tropes in engaging and unique ways. She adores smart, sexy, beta heroes, and savvy heroines who aren’t afraid to demand–and get!–the best from their relationships. Underneath it all, she has a love of language and a deep respect for how words can uplift and transport us to a higher state of being, even if only for a few hours.

Her latest narrative adventure is a Sci-Fi romance weekly serial space opera. Written in part as an homage to all the science fiction books, movies, and TV that shaped her into the proud nerd that she is today, and in part to introduce the enduring thrill of romance into those adventures (combining her two great loves in fiction), “Huntress of the Star Empire” introduces new continuing episodes every Thursday, just like your favorite TV series.

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