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Horn to Be Wild by Alana Khan

Not all beasts are beastly.

Though Jude never complains about her daily struggles in Screaming Woods, she’s happy to let her troubles melt away when she travels in her dreams to an Enchanted Kingdom to meet a magical monarch who adores her.

The clues add up every morning, making her question if the passionate hours she shares with the affectionate horned king are more than wishes and hopes.

Journey with Jude and her son to the world dreams are made of to meet blue King Sargon and discover the magical kingdom most people believe is only found in fantasy.

This Beauty and the Beast, Fated Mate book, written by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Alana Khan promises spice, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a very happy ever after. It is part of the Monsters Between the Sheets writing collaboration.

Who says monsters can’t fall in love? In Screaming Woods, anything is possible. Welcome back to the little town turned monstrous by a party potion gone wrong. Your favorite instalove authors are bringing you hairier, scarier, and hornier monsters than ever before in this beastly series coming to your kindle in May 2023.

Series Number
Book #2

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