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Horde King’s Obsession by Gabby Dark

I am the property of alien hordesmen.
Well…just one in particular.

The Tirizar Horde came to our land, invaded our homes, and took many women as prisoners. We were captured to pay the price—in flesh—for our ex-ruler’s treachery.

I don’t want to be some Tirizar warrior’s pleasure slave, so I fight. I know my actions could harm me. My disobedience gains the attention of the most ruthless alien in the horde—Khol Xihran: their leader, their king. He takes me and declares to make me submissive. To make me his. He’s possessive, dominant, and treats me like he owns me.

I should hate him. I shouldn’t want him. But why does my body crave every single touch and every single stroke?

I am more than just Khol’s prisoner. I’m his obsession. And he is mine.

Series Number
Book #1

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