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His to Protect by Lydia Loomis

After aliens invaded earth and bombs destroyed everything we had, life became about survival for everyone. For me it was about survival long before that and the collapse has offered me an escape from my past. Now my past has found me again and I no longer know if I will survive. Can I escape my past and can I trust this massive alien who is promising to help me?

I never thought I would find my star-tied mate but there is she, beautiful, brave, and completely unaware of the mate tie. It is my duty and my honor to protect and care for her even if she may never feel about me the way I do her. The closer we get though the harder it is for me to hold back.

Content Warnings
On Page:
Explicit sex, Violence, Gaslighting, Panic attacks, Abduction, Lack of resources

Domestic Violence, Trafficking, Bombing

Series Number
Book #2

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