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His to Find by Lydia Loomis

It’s been almost two years since the collapse. Two years since aliens invaded, bombs were dropped, and earth was thrust into an apocalypse. Those of us trying to survive have bound together at the barracks, slowly trying to stay safe and rebuild. When three of our people went missing I was sent out as a rescue party. The last thing I expected to find was an alien, the last thing I thought I’d do is kiss one. Now we are working together to find my missing people. Can I focus on the mission and not the hot alien…I honestly don’t know.

I was taken by the Vonti as a child. Trained as a soldier and sent on many missions. All I have ever wanted is to find my way home. When we were abandoned on a failed mission and left on an armpit of a planet I lost all hope. But when a little human kisses me I find that hope returned. Now I must help her rescue her people from a Vonti camp, and figure out what I am to do about my growing attachment to her.

Content Warnings: Explicit sex, violence, abduction, mentions of forced labor/soldiers, human/alien relationship.

Series Number
Book #1

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