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Her Rebel Alien Warrior by Nora Blaze

The enemy killed our future when they killed our mates. Chosen warrior of my people, I live for vengeance, and hope for nothing more than bare survival.

But when I rescue a strange female from the ship of my hated enemy, the impossible happens.

A power long thought lost to my people rises, and with this new strength I finally have the weapon needed to defeat my enemy once and for all.

An enemy intent on destroying me, my people, and the new life inside my mate’s womb.

I thought waking up on an alien ship and strapped naked in a room full of horrors was bad, until I realized my sister was abducted too. I’ll do anything to save her, including take on a council bent on remaining neutral in a fight that should be to the death.

But I have an unexpected ally, a warrior who swears my existence is his source of newfound power—and hope for the very survival of his species.

And he’s not the only one packing heat. Turns out the enemy aliens who took me want me for more than my womb . . . they want me for the unexpected, deadly power of my mind.

A mind I will use to rescue not only my sister, but help my mate save our people, and our unexpected baby.

Her Rebel Alien Warrior is a standalone science fiction alien abduction romance. For readers who love fast paced, steamy action, adventures in space, and fated mates.

Series Number
Book #1

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