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Her Alien Captor by Ivy McAdams

If you’re on their bounty list, there’s no escape…

The night a huge black-skinned alien with wicked horns abducts me, my reality is turned upside down. I may be no match for him, but I’m not going down without a fight. Especially when I discover my alien captor is a bounty hunter.

I plead my innocence to no avail. He hates humans, but I still catch his heated gazes and experience his lingering touches. It’s enough to warm my blood, and I’m not complaining because the only thing colder and more unforgiving than him is outer space itself. There’s danger around every corner and if I’m going to survive, I’ll have to trust him.

The funny thing about trust though. If you let a little spark in, it can catch fire…and that’s an inferno neither of us wants to be burned by, but one we can’t seem to put out.

Series Number
Book #1

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