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Heart of the Agraak by S. J. Sanders

Agraadax was shaken by recent events and the breeding facility closed, but it has done little to ease the simmer of unrest rippling through Agraak society. In Aminae, one of the dome cities scattered on the few arid patches of land of the swampy planet, factions are rising against the cruelties of the upper raniks that rule their society. Kaede is a male devoted to the cause. His entire life has become focused on easing the suffering of his people. He has no time for anything else in his life. A human give into his care is the worst kind of distraction…a distraction that promises love and pleasure.

Frankie arrived on Agraadax masquerading as man. No one knows, not even the men with whom she serves in the Intergalactic fleet. For five years, her sole purpose has been bent on discovering any information that she could regarding the fate of her twin sister, Alisha. When Frankie is forced into hiding with the aid of an Agraak male in the midst of a rising revolution, she is put on a path that may change everything for both of their species. Fighting side by side with by a male who stirs her passions and makes her question everything she thought she knew; Frankie begins to wonder how she’ll ever leave Agraadax without him.

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Alien Pairing Humans In Space M / F

Series Number
Book #9

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