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Healer Hunted by Robin O’Connor

Pheromone dependency? No way! I think the captured alien doctor just has the hots for me.


I was stolen from my home planet and forced to work at a fancy resort. When I end up cleaning the room of the sexy alien doctor… I develop what he calls a pheromone dependency.

He’s irresistible.

He’s the son of the evil lady holding me captive.

He’s as trapped as I am, so we work together to escape. Only, not everything is what it seems and the more time I spend with him, the less I want to resist.


Trapped again, I discover one horrible truth about my family after another. The only bright light is Noa, with her colorful tattoos and her sass.

I want her, I will have her.

Without my medical scanner I can’t be sure, but I know it anyway. She’s my true mate. I will walk through fire to save her, I will play any role to free her if I must. I will betray my family, my friends, if it means she can escape.

Healer Hunted is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a sexy alien doctor, a sassy, tattooed heroine, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Series Number
Book #5

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