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Haze by Aline Ash & Skye Castel

I’m screwed.
First, I’m snatched by toad-like aliens, and then their spaceship crashes. Not on any fun planet either, we’re in the wilderness.
When a huge, rough-scaled beast with enormous wings swoops down from the sky, I’m pretty sure I’m about to become his meal.
But the dragon barbarian looks at me with a smoldering fire in his eyes. My knees buckle under his gaze and at the sight of his hard muscles that stretch over his massive body.
I know what he wants. Me. And not for lunch.

As future Chieftain of my clan, and with the burden of my upcoming arranged marriage hanging over my head, I don’t have time to involve myself with human refugees.
But this tiny, round, and soft female is so alluring — I just can’t leave her. Even though taking her to my home is asking for trouble.
I’m revered and respected. She’s defiant from the start. No one in my tribe dares to disobey me. Yet, she challenges me constantly, and it’s this rebellious fire in her that I can’t resist.
Keeping her will end in disaster for my tribe and my wedding plans, but I don’t think I can let her go.
She must be MINE.

Series Number
Book #1

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