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Hardy by Theresa Beachman

Alien apocalypse. Check.
England a wasteland. Check.
Love a survivor? Hell, yeah.

Big, rough and untamed.
Ryan Hardy is lost.
Freefalling after a violent childhood, he navigates life with his fists.

It serves him well, till he’s floored by a feisty nurse. Literally.

Georgina Haldon is smart, tenacious, laser-focused. Savage men have abducted Janie—the sister she raised as her own, and Georgina is traveling to the wilds of Scotland to find her.

When unexpected events make their worlds collide, it becomes clear there may be darker agencies at work from the group’s past. Forced to band together, Georgina and Hardy find themselves swept into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where not only their lives are at stake, but their hearts too.

Series Number
Book #4

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