Author: Cassandra Chandler

Her heart is in the stars… and he’s the man who can take her there.

Evelyn Chambers is a nerdgirl and damned proud of it. Always the odd girl out, she’s found a home in academia, channeling her fantastical imagination and love for the stars into getting a PhD in astronomy. And at last it seems those stars have aligned to send her a match.

Vacationing foreigner Adam Smith gets her, from her field of study to her offbeat sense of humor. He’s also drop-dead gorgeous—and woefully ignorant of the world of science fiction, which she’s only too happy to remedy.

Adam knows more about the stars than he dares reveal. As commander of a starship for the Coalition of Planets, he’s been there.

With his shore leave over, it’s time to return to the coldness of space—unless he takes Evelyn up on her offer of marriage. But he doesn’t want a green card. He wants Evelyn, and he’ll do whatever it takes to stay at her side. But if she discovers his secrets, he has to hope she’ll believe aliens—and his love for her—are real.

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