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Golden by Chandra Ryan

Mesha has lived with one truth: Dragons are the enemy. Sure, they’re sexy as hell and their touch makes her weak in the knees, but they are the aggressors in the centuries-old war between their people.

Aarush, Divit, and Hiran have a truth of their own: Humans can’t be trusted. And Mesha swears she’s human. A human who works for the Agency. She’s their enemy. But something about her calls to them.

Unfortunately for them, love and war are complicated, enemies and alliances aren’t set in stone, and sex is never simple.

This a science fiction reverse harem with a feisty heroine who refuses to follow orders and insists on doing things her own way. It has explicit, and sometimes group, sex scenes. Golden is intended for those who are 18 or older.

Series Number
Book #1

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