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Garrant by Annabelle Rex

One teasing touch sets her body aflame…

Nell Santos would love a happily ever after, but the timing is all wrong. Her son, Mikey, is the most important thing in her life, and she can’t let anything get in the way of that. A holiday to the first Intergalactic Olympics is the perfect opportunity for them to strengthen bonds with their new Intergalactic family. And when all the happy couples have her feeling a bit down, a night with a smoking hot Intergalactic athlete might be just the thing to distract her. Garrant is dangerous and sexy and totally not her type. She can play his game without getting hurt, right?

Garrant is coming to the end of his athletic career. Age and a shoulder injury have caught up with him, forcing him out of the sport he loves. Without it, he has nothing. No Match, no path, no future. Beautiful Nell Santos could be the perfect antidote to his woes. Garrant is sure they can have a few wild nights without getting emotionally involved – they aren’t Matched, after all. So when Nell’s ex turns up at the games, why does Garrant feel like throwing a possessive arm round her and claiming her for his own?

A steamy science fiction romance featuring a single mother afraid to get her heart broken all over again and the tattooed alien athlete who might just convince her that it’s worth taking a risk for love…

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Alien Contact Fated Mates Humans In Space M / F

Series Number
Book #3

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