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Fractured Waves by Samantha Rose

Long have I waited for an adventure.

As my dream becomes reality, my happiness evaporates in a flash of rainbow colors.

I’m sucked into a world where everything is alien. In a dream state, I wander, only to find myself lost.

That’s when I feel eyes on me, and I see him from a distance. A stranger. Before I know it, he steals me away, vowing to protect me in his kingdom where he holds me captive.

As time goes on, I become more and more confused and conflicted. He takes care of me, and shows me kindness. Now I feel myself breaking, like the fractured waves around us.

My brain is telling me to find a way out, but my heart is telling me to stay as my desire for him grows deeper than the ocean.

Is this a nightmare or the fantasy I’ve dreamed of?

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