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First Contact by S. J. Sanders

Before humanity met the Budo, before humans were sold for breeding compatibility experimentation to the Agraak, there was a crash landing on an unknown world—Earth. 

If a male wasn’t born into the upper tiers of Forad society, he would never know the comfort of his own mate. Ehmhy was not such a fortunate male, he was a trader of a long line of traders. Resigned to his lot in life, he never expects to be stranded on an isolated primitive planet with his nephew whom he’d recently become guardian of. Separated in the crash, Ehmhy is desperate to find his nephew and get back home. What he doesn’t expect is to meet a local female who does what no offworld female ever has done before—make him yearn to make her his mate. 

Gerry works in the French Quarter and while her life isn’t glamorous, she enjoys her simple lifestyle. Things become complicated quick when she helps a stranger during Mardi Gras wearing a complicated cat-man costume who’d become separated from his nephew. When he is revealed to be a stranded alien in need of help, she couldn’t, in good conscience, retract her offer.

Without the government on their trail and a Forad boy in need of rescuing they become closer as passions stir and something more blooms. But they have no future—or maybe they do.

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