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Finding Lara by Kelly Lucille

Lady Lara is out on her own, traveling the universe without family at her back for the first time. To say she is a little out of her depth would be an understatement, but she is determined to continue her adventuring through the stars armed with nothing but her naive Heti nature and empathic abilities to guide her.

Barnos is a notorious space pirate whose driving passion at the moment is to find and finally kill the man who took his arm and eye and left him for dead. With cybernetic implants making him even harder to kill, he will face any obstacle to have his justice, even if the partner he has chosen is a Shakien mercenary who nobody trusts.

Finding a missing Heti Lady is a side mission, a favor that should have been quickly done and forgotten. Instead, Barnos ends up on a journey through slave markets, space battles and fighting for his life in The Death Games, all with a new partner, a lady who stirs his blood and could not possibly be as sweet as she tastes…Not if she hopes to survive.

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A Galaxy Far Far Away M / F

Series Number
Book #3

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