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Feral Tamed by Robin O’Connor

I’m stranded on a strange planet and the alien who just rescued me? He thinks I’m his mate.


I’m supposed to be dead, but I just woke up on a crash site, on an alien planet. I do the only thing I can think of, survive.

When a strange feral-looking alien chases after me with his monstrous animal companion, those odds seem stacked against me. Except he rescues me from what would have been certain death, for real this time.

I can’t understand a word he says, but his message is clear.

He thinks I’m his mate.

At first, that seems terrifying, even if he is all sexy muscles and fierce protectiveness. But when he’s all that stand between me and even bigger monsters…


My mission is clear, find human survivors and bring them back to the Vagabond and my gladiator brothers. This lone female, her scent tells me she is all mine. I don’t want to share her.

When rescuing her ends with us both trapped in an underground cave system, I seize my opportunity to seduce her. Even if she can’t understand what I say, I make sure she knows just what I mean.

Down on the planet, I feel like she is all mine. But once we’re back on the ship… Am I going to be able to keep her?

When my brothers discover what I’m capable of.

What I did.

They’ll kick me off the ship. Ruin any chance I have at convincing my pretty Hina to stay at my side. I can’t let that happen, I’ll do anything to keep my mate.

Feral Tamed is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring hot alien gladiators, a feral hero, a heroine with a heart of gold, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Series Number
Book #4

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