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Fated to Fall by Stephanie West

Blaidd went insane witnessing the small human being abused by her mate. He didn’t care that he was on a foreign planet, as he swiftly ended the vile male. All that mattered was soothing the heart-rending pain that radiated from the trembling female. But despite Blaidd’s best intentions, nothing he did for Vivian went right. His obligations on Earth, the brewing turmoil among his Lupercalia pack, and the dawning realization Vivian was meant to be his had Blaidd chasing his tail.

Vivian was living her worst nightmare, and she couldn’t seem to wake up. The last thing she wanted was to drag the Good Samaritan who rescued her into her mess. Except Vivian was the one flung headlong down the rabbit hole, abducted to an alien planet. Even though Blaidd promised to take her home when things on Earth calmed, everything that happened made her question the alien werewolf’s intent. Yet with each misadventure, Vivian found herself falling in love with the imposing man and his charming world. Then reality came crashing down, and Vivian wondered if she was just fated to fall.

Caution – This book has adult content and may have triggers for some.

Series Number
Book #2

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