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Fate Forged by Sevannah Storm

Jacqueline (Jack) Dunois struggles to find a man not intimidated by her career as a law enforcement instructor, especially in the small town she calls home. She would sacrifice a kidney to find someone who would make her ovaries clap and didn’t live with his mother. Then she meets a supreme commander from another world who thinks the stars in the galaxies shine in her eyes… What’s not to love about that?

Supreme Commander Ulriq doesn’t believe in love, an archaic term for a volatile and untrustworthy emotion Etterians were no longer subjected to. Until he meets Jack who triggers the Ethera, the soulmate force that irrevocably changes a male when he finds his ideal female. At that moment, his world, his focus, his very loyalty shifts. But when she is taken from him, it is too much to bear. Under the influence of the Ethera, he launches a rescue. He’ll start a war and kill anyone who dares stop him, just to have her back in his arms.

Series Number
Book #2

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