Author: Melisse Aires

Escaping Poison

Series: Diaspora Worlds (#4)
By: Melisse Aires

Karvar’s gorgeous bride Brielle collapsed on their wedding night and almost died. Before he quietly ends the marriage Karvar will do the right thing and ensure she is healthy and safe. Unknown enemies forced her into drug addiction and blackmailed her to spy on the Protectorate family, so he can’t really be angry with her, but he also can’t imagine staying married to someone who kept such a secret from him.

A few weeks living in isolation at an old science station in the Big Poison is the best way to hide her while she recovers. Karvar can study the latest cyborg appliances the Alliance has collected while Brielle rests. It won’t be the honeymoon villa on the Chen Chen coast, but they will survive.

Late one night they leave the dome to see a rare Neon Orchid, a night blooming flower. The science station explodes.

Someone wants Brielle dead.

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About The Author

A fun-loving, science fiction and fantasy romance author, living in a small house in Wyoming, along with a wonderful husband, a small bouncy dog named Baxter and too many cats. Mother of three, she weaves adventurous stories with captivating romance and a good spoonful of heat.

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