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Ensnaring Avery by Rhea V. May

Rich girl. Slave. Leader. Aide. Traitor. Savior.
A lot of labels to describe Avery Jones. But to save the one she loves, she has to leave them all behind and teach others to do the same. She has to show the entire Union Of The Dozen Races what a romance without labels looks like.

For Tintrosti is someone completely different. Someone most people don’t even see as a person, but as a thing. He’s a Rendition.

Organics and Bionics don’t mix. That’s the universal truth, the unwritten law within the Union. Even Tin himself calls her foolish for believing otherwise, for even the friendship they share seems wicked.

Being the designated therapist on the Colony and one of the four leaders is not enough for Avery Jones. She longs for adventure, even if her thrill-seeking nature is what landed her in the Arru’Thal’s clutches in the first place. Just as she becomes restless, Tintrosti shows up in her life with a new challenge.

He lures her away from the human Colony, promising he’ll show her the entire Union Space Territory. And at the end of the trip, she’d get to put herself in danger as she helps in saving more enslaved humans. What more could Avery want?

Right? Right. Except she has no idea the shuttle she’s boarding is full of Rebel Renditions. Or that Tin will betray her. Or that the mission they wish her to accomplish has no silver lining. Perhaps her adventurousness has reached its limits.

Wrong. This is just the beginning.

Series Number
Book #2

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