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Ensnared By The Serpent’s Gaze by Aria Winter & Jade Waltz

In my past life I was a queen and in love with my guard.

All the queens before me had harems, both for protection and to help them wield their elemental powers. I was the first to refuse this, wanting only one man to be mine.

It led to my death.

Now fate has granted me a second chance. Five men are destined to become my guards and join my harem.

Seth is the fourth guard I’ve found. Everything about him is so familiar, I want more than anything to hold him close and never let him go.

But the prophecy says that one of my guards is destined to betray me.

As I find myself growing closer to Seth, I find myself wondering:

Can I trust him with both my life and my heart?

Series Number
Book #4

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